Hello !

My name is Elin Bråtveit, and I live in the Southern part of Norway, together with my husband  and my daughter,, and my cats.

I also have two adult childrens, but they have left home.

My very first Chinchilla came to me in 1997, it was a Shaded silver male.

After some time another Shades silver moved in with us, this time a little female, called Sharice.

At this point I felt I was ready to try to get some kittens after them, but unfortunately, this combinations never happened.

In 2001 the first litter of Chinchilla and Shades was born, and it was exciting, three Exotic's and one Persian.

My first male had to wait over four years before he  finally became a father… !

The mother to this litter is an Chinchilla Exotic, actually from the first Chinchilla Exotic litter born in Norway !

At this time we also have some silvertabbies and solids ( black ), and now also added bi-colour tabby into my breeding program.

There are just a few breeders of Chinchilla and Shaded in Norway, and that is sad, because I think the Chinchilla/shaded are the most beautiful cats I ever seen, for me they are the "Rolls Royce" of the Persian cats.

I also love the Golden cats, with their warm colors, and was very pleased when I got my Golden male Ibrahim from Denmark.

The most important thing for me, in my breeding program, is good health, good temper, and of course all my cats are tested for PKD.

My cattery is reg. in NRR & FIFe, and is a cageless cattery, so all our cats are family members.

I hope you will enjoy my Web-Site, and please put a paw print in my guestbook before you leave !

Take care, best wishes, Elin